Relaxation Station


Slightly unfortunate placement of grass : )

I recently made one of the best purchases ever. In anticipation of our fall trip to Hawaii (still saving for plane tickets, but I am optimistic!) I bought a huge floppy sun hat! I am not a hat wearer, I don’t think I’ve ever even worn a baseball hat, but since I live in sunny Colorado I figured it was a justifiable purchase. My last day off was a perfect sunny day to sit outside and drink some Redneck Mimosas (recipe to follow) aka BO-J’s while reading and wearing my wonderful Audrey Hepburn-esqu sunhat!


Channeling Audrey Hepburn in my new hat and striped dress

I found this dress with nautical stripes and cinch waist at the thrift store, and I think it goes perfectly with the hat and shades! I added a thrifted rope belt for more of a nautical feel and black rouched wedges (from the thrift shop as well!). I’m ready for the yacht club now!


Rope belt, $3 at thrift shop.


Yikes, those legs need some sun! Black rouched wedges, $3 at thrift shop

My most recent book was Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed. This is an epic story about one woman’s journey on the PCT, solo. It was a pretty quick read and totally sucked me in. However It did NOT make me want to strike out on this trail that runs basically from Mexico to Washington state. I can hardly handle a 10 mile hike, let alone 2,663 miles! No thanks, it’s not in my DNA. I’d much rather sit in the sun, drink some beertails and read about it! 


This book was great, and the beertails were even better!


So about those “beertails”. A few years ago my friend Brett introduced me to the BO-J. I know, it sounds a little dirty, but it basically is beer and orange juice mixed together. It is similar to a Brass Monkey (malt liquor and OJ) but is much classier. Brett’s version consists of Corona, which you drink down to just below the neck then add OJ to the top. But like most recipes I had to put my own spin on it!

BO-J (or Redneck Mimosa)

Bud Light

Mango Lemonade

Mason jar

1. Open can

2. Pour in Mason jar

3. Add Mango lemonade

4. Drink up!

I use about 1/2 cup lemonade, but use more or less depending on your taste.


The recipe of the summer!

This is a wonderful refreshing drink on a nice summer day, and perfect for a backyard BBQ! You can also use other juice, I’ve made it with an orange, mango, and pineapple juice before and it was awesome! Do some experimenting and let me know what you come up with! Maybe you’ll hate it, but give it a try. People always look at me like I am crazy until they take a sip. Even my manly husband likes it!

So this is how I am keeping it classy in Colorado. What’s your go-to summer drink? Read any good books lately? Leave me some comments below!




Isn’t it pretty?


5 thoughts on “Relaxation Station

  1. You’re going to love the Sun Safety Bag from Sephora- Lots of goodies to use in CO and Hawaii! Going to send it with Mom- I already gave it to her to bring out to you :0) My favorite products in the bag- The Skin Transpformer Cream, the Too Faced Matte Bronzer (love that it is matte and not shiny!!), and the bare Minerals Mineral Veil w/ a brush- Enjoy!!

    • Yaaay, I am so excited! You are the best big sis! I have been in need of a good face sunscreen, I got a Coola cucumber spf 30 ( you know I love cucumber!) in my Birchbox, and I love it but not the $32 price tag! I can’t wait to see Mom and Dave, especially since they will be bringing gifts! Love you, thanks for sharing my blog : )

  2. nice hat for summer! well my go to drink tends to be cold microbrew beer but your drink sounds interesting. about the giveaway, I still need your email address. I won’t publish it.

    • I should know better than using my phone to post! I wasn’t even sure I actually replied to your giveaway post, so thanks for responding! And yes, my email is the one associated with wordpress, so you should have it. Thanks for reading my blog! I also am a huge fan of microbrews, we have a lot here in Colorado!

  3. except if your email is just the one you use for wordpress, don’t worry then, I have that one in the comment data. let me know if your wordpress email is the one you want to use for the giveaway.

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