My June Subscriptions: A Love/Hate Relationship (but mostly love!)


Twice as Nice!

As many of you know I have recently fallen in love with subscription boxes. Currently I have Birchbox and Ipsy arriving monthly, and I am resisting (and my bank account is resisting!) adding more. Ahhh, I love samples too much! When I subscribed I told myself I would give both Ipsy and Birchbox 6 months then decide which one I like better to keep for the time being. But I love them both, and I am approaching six months soon! What to do, what to do? At the moment I can afford the extra $20 a month so I guess I’ll keep them both! I can easily spend $20 on junk at Walgreens, so I might as well get these surprise packages of happiness each month instead.

I feel pretty happy about my subscriptions this month, despite a few (HUGE!) misses. I can’t wait to share what I got with you, so I guess I’ll start with Birchbox, since they were the clear winner this month. The theme was Wanderlust, which I love!


One of my favorite things about Birchbox is that you get points for reviewing each item in your monthly box. Every review earns you 10 Birchbox points, and 100 points equals $10 to spend in the Birchbox shop! Essentially you can earn $10 every two boxes. Also if your order gets messed up or if you receive duplicate items they will usually reward you with points! Because of backordered items I received a few extra hundred points, which I used to buy myself a gift subscription of 3 months in addition to my main subscription. So for three months I get 2 boxes! You have to set up another account but it is so worth it.

My first box from my gift subscription was a “welcome box”, which is mostly their most popular items from past months. Since I forgot to take a pic of my welcome box I won’t take the time to do a full review. I did get their Beauty Protector Spray, which has rave reviews but I thought was just ok, and a Sumita eyeliner sample in a dark purple, which I loved enough to order a full size. Sumita is definitely my new favorite liner pencil! Nothing else really stood out, but the Welcome Box was pretty good compared to some of the other boxes I’ve received.

But on to my main subscription box. I’ll come back to my gift box in a second.


June Birchbox, main subscription account

This month every box received a Color Club nail polish from the Wanderlust collection, an exclusive kit of 4 neon pastel polishes made just for Birchbox ($8 for all 4) to celebrate their Global expansion, since you can now get Birchbox in England, Spain, and France too! In my main Birchbox I got a neon pastel mint color called London Calling. I immediately put it on my toes and I really love the color, bright but not too over the top. I read quite a few reviews of Color Club polish and a lot were not entirely favorable, but I think it is pretty good! I got a free sample with a Birchbox order of a great emerald color and it held up fantastically, lasted a week or so while working with horses without chipping, which was pretty impressive! Those ponies take a toll on your nails, let me tell you!


Color Club in Wild Cactus after a week of wear, and working with the horses! It is a really pretty emerald, even though it looks dark teal. And please ignore my old-lady hands!

I also got a box of Tweezerman Matchbook Itty Bitty Nail Files ($5). I got these in my welcome box on my gift subscription too, and I was a little “meh” about it then, I don’t really use nail files that much and certainly won’t use 24 minis.  This was listed as a lifestyle extra in the box, but I could still review it for points, so at least there’s that. The box it came in is really cute though, so it will make a good gift.

The other three samples I got in this box were all pretty sweet, and after looking at all the other variations of the boxes this month this box was definitely in my top 3 wished-for boxes.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk ($18 full size): This is a decent size and I love dry shampoo, so I will definitely use this. It doesn’t weigh my fine hair down and smells nice, not too perfumey. It seems to add a bit of volume too, which I always need!

SW Basics Lip Balm ($15 for set of 4): Man, I have so many different lip balms scattered throughout my life. I wasn’t very excited for this at all, until I tried it. It has a lovely cinnamon flavor/smell and it is made with only 5 ingredients (cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, cinnamon oil and cardamon oil). It feels so great on my lips and adds a nice gloss. If it had SPF I would consider buying all 4.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser ($32.95 full size): This foaming cleanser and exfoliator is gentle enough for my sensitive skin, foams up nicely, and smells amazing! I would compare it to a lemon pie. A little goes a long way, so I hope to get quite a few uses out of this. It’s a little pricey but I like it so much I might use some points for a full size!

So this box was great, but I really liked my gift subscription box even more! Before I got my two Birchboxes I looked online and couldn’t resist the spoilers posted that listed what was in each box variation. There were a lot of variations that I would have really liked, a few I REALLY didn’t want (gum, really?) and a lot that were just ok. The box I really wanted was #18, and that’s what I got on my gift subscription!*

*I let the super-sleuths at figure out the magic formula to preview all the box variations. Those ladies are amazing, I love stalking the Birchbox and Ipsy forums for spoilers!


Some repeats, but I got the pink lip color, yay!

So as you can see I got some repeats from my main box, but since I love the Suki and Klorane so much I was quite ok with this! At least the nail color was different. I received a color called Mod in Manhattan in this box, which is an off-white color. It’s not really neon at all but its pretty. I like a nice white or bare nail color when I am tan, so this is perfect for summer. It will look great under chunky glitter or used for nail art too.

I also got a Twistband from the Birchbox Nautical Hair Tie Collection ($14 for 6) in this box. I know some people really hate Twistbands but I personally love them and almost always have one in my hair or on my wrist. This is really cute, although I would have loved an anchor-patterned or striped version. This starfish pattern is pretty too though, just not as nautical as I would have liked.

My favorite thing in this box was the LAQA & CO Lil Lip Duo ($16 for 2). I only got one of the duo in my box but that was ok. It is a nice bright pink called Lambchop that goes on smooth and looks amazing with my pale skin. The only problem was it came all mashed into the cap so the tip was smooshed. I emailed Birchbox about it and they are sending me another one! I love their customer service, it wasn’t unusable but it would be nice to have a nice sharp point to apply it.

Both of these boxes also contained 5 postcards. The first one had a printed note from Birchbox about travel dreams and their 4 global offices in New York, London, Paris and Barcelona. It also had a code for extra points when you spend $35. The next four were colorful graphic designs of the 4 cities. I saw online someone had framed them in a 4-way frame and it looked great, so you could use these for framed wall art too. I love quirky notes to send to friends so I will definitely use these.


So as you can see Birchbox killed it this month. A few repeats between my two accounts, but they were repeats of products I love so I am pretty happy about it! Definitely worth the $10 I paid out-of-pocket. On to Ipsy!



On The Wild Side

This month Ipsy’s theme was On The Wild Side. Sounds great, right? Except I can’t really see how my bag lives up to that theme. Except for maybe that darn glitter. Oh, the glitter. But we’ll come back to “Glittergate 2013” in a bit.

Ipsy changed up their profile questions last month so it is supposed to be a little more customized. However I feel like it would be impossible to customize this for everyone so there has been a lot of grumbling in the Ipsy community about this. I guess it worked for me though, since I got the lesser of two (or three or four) evils this month. There was nothing I was really excited about to begin with, but I did get some things I am surprisingly really happy with.


There were quite a few variations of the Ipsy bag this month too. Some are happy about that, some are not. My Ipsy last month was awesome (sorry I got too busy to post it!) and it introduced me to Pacifica, which I love. So this month was a hard act to follow, as my expectations were pretty high for my 3rd Ipsy bag.

There were a few things that came in every bag this month. First was a blush by NXY Cosmetics ($5). This is a new brand to me but I like it so far and it is reasonably priced. There were cream, powder, and mosaic options for this blush, and some colors were more like bronzers. I got the powder blush in Sand, which I could honestly use as a bronzer even though it is a little shimmery. I was a little bummed to get a “brown” blush in my bag but it actually looks really lovely on, it makes my cheekbones pop. This might not be a winter blush for me, as I can’t see it working on pale skin without looking dirty, but I plan to use it this summer. I was hoping for a cream blush since I’ve never tried one before but I am happy with what I got. I just recently started occasionally wearing blush and I’ve tripled the amount of blush I own in the last 3 months with my subscriptions (which mean I now own ummm….3 different blushes!). I wouldn’t have experimented with blush at all if it wasn’t for my subscriptions, and I like wearing it more and more!

The next thing in every bag was a lip liner by Starlooks ($12, although it looks bigger on the website than the one in the bags). There were some really pretty bright colors in a lot of the bags but I got the color Bare. Or Corpse, as I like to call it. It has a purplish hue to it and it makes me look dead. Soooo gross. Maybe for Halloween I can pull it off, but most likely I will toss it. I did try it as an eyeliner and its not as horrible, but I have so many pretty eyeliner colors I would choose over Dead…I mean Bare. It does have a nice texture though so I bet in the right color I would have liked it.

The last thing included in all the bags was a glitter palette by JCat ($4.49). This looked so pretty in the package, but I am a grown woman who does not wear glitter. Ever. Also there was A LOT of controversy with this. First, it looked like it was meant for eyes. Then people started receiving it, used it as eye glitter, and…..oh no! Chunky glitter in the eye! Under contacts! Scratched corneas, ahhh! The Ipsy Facebook page blew up, and Ipsy backpeddled hardcore and started commenting on posts that this was body glitter, NOT TO BE USED NEAR THE EYES!!!! They never officially posted anything and never sent out any statement via email to subscribers who do not follow facebook/ Not that I would have used this product anyway. But I do have a few issues with this whole situation:

1. There was clearly an applicator included with this palette that looked exactly like something you use with eyeshadow.

2. This was listed under “eyes” on the JCat website. At least it was until this Ipsy fiasco, when their website mysteriously shut down. It came back up a short time later and the palette was listed under “sparkle” and removed from “eyes”. I call shenanigans.

3. After this started blowing up Ipsy posted some really kindergarten art style “tattoo” photos of their staff, starring the awful glitter as body “art”. Obvious panic mode, “oh shoot, what else can we use this for, we thought it was for the eyes!”.

I will pass this along to a friend who loves glitter with a warning about not using it near her eyes. Unless she likes the pirate eye-patch look. There are so many better items they could have included from JCat, but after this I will not be purchasing from them!

So there were a few options for the last two items in this bag. There was a fake eyelash option, and a dry shampoo option. I wanted neither, and if I got them this would have been a total bummer of a bag other than the blush. But I got the other two options, which I wanted, so my bag was redeemed!

1. Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter pencil ($18): I was intrigued by this, and excited to try it. I’ve used it a few times and really like it. It doesn’t have any shimmer which makes it more versatile. I’ve been using it on the inside of my eyes and on my waterline to brighten my eyes. It’s not as severe as white liner to wake up my eyes and it blends well if I use it under my browline as well. I’m pretty sure this is full size and it should last me forever!

2. Cailyn Linefix gel eyeliner in Iron ($21): I’ve never tried a gel eyeliner so I am excited to try this when I have an extra 30 minutes to play around with. I have serious trouble applying liquid liner so this might take some practice to master. I am really excited to try it out. There was also a purple option, but I like that I got a nice neutral grey that will go with everything.

Overall the value of this bag was high, even totally discarding the glitter crap. I don’t really see anything “wild” in this bag other than the bag itself, which was a cute leopard print with neon zipper. Not really my style, so I will pass it along to my glitter loving possibly pirate eyed friend along with the glitter.

Overall I was really happy with my subscriptions this month, and I can’t wait for July! Do you have any favorite subscriptions? Or do you have any questions about Birchbox or Ipsy? Make some comments below!

To Beauty,


It’s In the Bag!!!

I have a dirty little secret. I get great pleasure out of reading US Weekly, InTouch, and People magazines. Yes, I know it rots my brain. Yes, I am ashamed to support the paparazzi and other scumbags. And yes, I love seeing that celebrities are just like us! They pump their own gas! They go to the ATM! They buy orange juice! But seriously, my favorite ‘article’ is the “WHAT’S IN HER PURSE???” feature. So when my fellow blogger over at Beauty and Lifestyle of A Broke College Girl posted her unbagging and invited others to do it too I thought “why not?”? Check out her bag here, and keep reading to see all the junk I keep in mine!


This Patagonia shopper contains: water bottle, purse (bag #2), sunscreen, book, headphones, keys, moccasins, and a slightly dirty fork.

So like my friend at Broke College Girl I also carry a purse within a bag. Recently I started throwing my everyday purse into this Patagonia bag so I can carry my usual things in addition to what I want to bring to work that day.

This week the boss has been gone, and since flip-flops/open-toed shoes/sandals are normally not allowed we have all been taking advantage of having little supervision and been airing out our toesies. But just in case I’ve been carrying my favorite (thrifted!) Minnetonka moccasins. Honestly these provide little more protection than my Volcom ankle wrap sandals (that I sell in my shop and could model daily), but I digress. I also carry a water bottle from a Dragon Optics clinic this winter (with a Nirvana-esque Sabre sticker from my friend Sam), my keys (my shop key wears a little plastic knit hat that my mom sent in my X-mas stocking, I love it!), a somewhat clean fork for lunch, sunscreen from Julep, Bose headphones for my bus ride to and from work (lately I’ve been listening to Royksopp Pandora station or Justin Timberlake’s newest album The 20/20 Experience), and a book, since working in a snowboard shop in the summer can get a little sloooooow. My Animals and Other Family by Clare Balding is my newest library acquisition and it sounds like it will be right up my alley, can’t wait to start it tomorrow!

I also carry my teal faux leather Roxy purse (thrifted of course!) within my Patagonia shopper. This is the main bag I carry when not headed to work, and it also contains many things that are vital to my daily life….or so I think anyway!


My main bag contains all my life essentials, from money to coupons to the makeup I put on during the work day because I am too lazy in the AM

I realized that I carry a lot of stuff in my purse when I decided to photograph it all. I won’t lie, this post became the perfect push to clear out my purse of what was not essential- so gone are the multiple lip gloss, receipts I’ll never need, and random recipes I’ve jotted onto scrap paper. So this is what was left :

My mint polka dot wallet from Target

Dakine wallet filled with coupons for my next grocery trip

Grey Goody brand headband that I got in a 4-pack for $1.50 on manager special at City Market

Sample of Rock Star hand cream from Julep and Boss Nuit perfume by Hugo Boss

Cupcake tissues that were also a gift from my mom

Chevron Ipsy bag from May filled with:

Juice Beauty lip gloss from same bag, Covergirl concealer, Coola sunscreen from May’s Birchbox, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Sweetheart (my favorite!), eyelash brush and curler, Rimmel London soft kohl liner in Jungle Green, Limited Edition Maybelline Great Lash in Totally Teal, and Garnier BB Cream in light/medium

Pacifica perfume solids in Tahitian Gardenia and Brazilian Mango Grapefruit. These are only $2 each on their website, and free with a $25 purchase. There are 17 scents to choose from! Use this link to get $10 when you make your first purchase! Disclaimer: I also get $10 when your order ships, so win/win.

Listerine breath strips

A pen from the Ride Snowboard clinic this winter (it’s like a nudie pen, but it goes from a dude wearing a unitard to a Borat-style thong)

A tire pressure gauge I am not entirely sure how to use that my husband gave me.

What’s missing from these bags are my phone, because I use it to take the photos, my sunglasses because they are usually on my face or on my head, and my other water bottle and coffee mug,  because I tend to forget to put them in either bag when they are empty and then lose them at work/in my car/ at home for days on end. But here’s a photo anyway:


My must-haves. Colorado/NH water bottle, Beaver Creek Junior Patrol coffee mug, and my polarized tortoise shell Experience II Dragon shades. Always have the shades, but the other two always get misplaced, it’s so frustrating!

So there it is folks, all the junk I carry on a more or less daily basis. What do you carry every day? Are you more of a wallet-only type, or do you carry the whole kitchen sink? Go visit Broke College Girl’s post to link up your own unbagging or comment below. And if you know how to use a tire gauge feel free to give me a brief tutorial!

Thanks for reading,


PS. Many of the things in my bag came from my subscription boxes. If you are interested in these $10 per month boxes of joy I would love for you to use me as a referral. I get points, you get easy access to great subscription programs and other perks, and everyone wins! For more information I really like the Ipsy and Birchbox forums over at, go there to see if these subscriptions would be right for you- they are so much more fun than magazine subscriptions!

If you are interested in signing up for Ipsy click here to access my referral link. If you are interested in signing up for Birchbox click here to access my referral link. Thanks, love you!

Beauty Sage Deluxe Boxes


Clockwise from top left: Oil You Need box, The Look Younger Box, Beauty Sleep Box, and The Clear Skin Box

So lately I’ve discovered the joy of subscription boxes. These little boxes of beauty come once a month and bring wonderful new products to try. I try to keep them a surprise but tend to cheat with my Ipsy (see my review of April’s box here) and Birchbox subscriptions. I always find spoilers before the boxes ship! Since a month is a looong time to wait for new beauty products I have discovered a new company to supplement my boxes between months. Beauty Sage offers deluxe boxes for $10 a month, including shipping. They currently have four different boxes to choose from, and since you know what is in each box it is easy to choose the box you want. Or like me you might want them all, in which case I fully suggest ordering all 4, you won’t be disappointed!

My first two boxes were the Oil You Need box and the Beauty Sleep Box. My skin has been angry with me lately, very dry and red and icky, and since I have always had a hard time sleeping I felt like these two boxes were meant for me. Here’s what was in them:


Oil You Need box, Beauty Sage


The Oil You Need Box:

Kahina Giving Beauty 100% Organic Argan Oil ($36): This oil is actually in 3 out of 4 boxes, and I am not upset about that! It makes my skin feel amazing, and my husband said my porcelain skin looked better than normal after I applied it. The company says it “gives supple, radiant skin”, and it does! The sample is a decent size too, I’ve been using it daily all week and still have some left in my first sample. I expect the 3 will last me all month, yay!

Joya Travel Roll-On Composition No. 1 or No. 6 ($28): So I am not sure what No. I got, but it’s not a favorite. They state that it “adjusts to your body chemistry”, but for $28 I think I will pass on the Joya and stick with my normal Love And Toast roll-ons. This sample is a little small, but I don’t love the scent so I’m not too disappointed.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil ($46): This is my favorite of the box. It is a dry oil that works on face, body, and hair and it smells fantastic. I used it on my husbands sand-paper hands tonight and it worked miracles. He even loved the scent, and it contains “6 proven plant oils” that softened his skin. It is a huge sample and a little goes a long way, always a bonus in a sample box!

Shea Terra Argan and Green Coffee Around Eye Serum ($38): This sample promises to “send bags packing”. Well, I don’t really feel like I have bags to send packing despite my normal lack of sleep, but it makes the skin around my eyes feel good so I figure it can’t hurt. Any anti-aging products I put on now will hopefully make my skin look great for the long haul of life.

By Nieves “C” Perfect Skin Serum ($35): I have not used this little vial of serum yet, but it is “proven to tighten and brighten” so I look forward to trying it soon. It seems like a fairly small sample, but I bet you don’t need much. Each sample should contain 4 uses, but I bet I can get at least 5!


Beauty Sleep Box

The Beauty Sleep Box:

This box, curated by Prevention Magazine, is right up my alley. I’ve had sleeping problems for as long as I can remember, it gave me pretty intense anxiety as a child and I currently use melatonin pills to help with this lack of slumber. These products are pretty awesome, but they haven’t really changed my sleep patterns. Still, I’m pretty happy with this box!

Lotus Wei Quiet Mind Mist ($40): This smells amazing and according to the pamphlet that came in the green mesh bag along with the sample it contains lemon, geranium, and coriander. Surprisingly it does not contain the typical “hey you should go to sleep” lavender and chamomile, which is a nice change. I’ve been spritzing it on every night and I have been feeling pretty relaxed. I also have been fighting off a cold and have felt exhausted lately, so it’s hard to say if this spray has made a difference but I love the scent, so it really doesn’t matter if it helps me sleep or not! I would love to try all the Lotus Wei scents, especially Pure Energy (grapefruit, coffee, and cinnamon) and Joy Juice (blood orange, davana, and marigold). It comes in a decent size spritzer bottle too.

Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call ($80): This moisturizer that contains CoQ10 and a nourishing retinol is said to plump up your skin “so you wake up looking like you had a facial”. Well, I’ve never had a facial (my first is scheduled for next week!) so I don’t know if that’s what it looks like, but my skin did feel pretty good in the morning. I really like this product a lot and the sample should last me a few weeks.

Shea Terra Around Eye Beauty Serum ($38): See the review above, it also came in the “oil you need” box.

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask ($29): The card in the box says to ” spot apply this dry (split ends, frizzes around your hairline), let it penetrate all night and rinse in the am”, and so that’s what I did. It smells great, and it made my dry, color-treated, overwashed hair feel soft and silky, and my hair was super shiny. This also is a huge sample that will last a while, since a little goes a long way in my thin hair.

By Nieves The Balm: This is a great multi-purpose sample. Cuticles, dry spots, and chapped lips are all soothed with this amazing balm. It comes in a pretty big pot that should last a while too!

Also included in this box is a card for a year long subscription to Prevention magazine, which is at least a $10 value. Can’t wait for my first issue!




Since I loved the first two boxes so much I had to order the next two, The Look Younger box and The Clear Skin box. Since I have entered my 30’s my skin just isn’t as luminous as it was in my 20’s and is giving me more trouble than it did as a teenager! These two boxes contain products that will hopefully make my skin behave itself again.

The Look Younger Box:

Suntegrity “5 in 1” Tinted Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen ($45): This sunscreen “conceals, perfects, and protects”. The sample comes in a light color, which is perfect for my pale skin and is SPF 30, which is awesome since I live close to the sun in the mountains of Colorado. Now if it would only stop snowing so I could try it out. I currently use Garnier BB cream (which is comparable) so I look forward to trying this out, although it smells kind of icky. I do like that it is vegan, non-greasy, and non-toxic though.

Kahina Giving Beauty 100% Argan Oil ($36): See my review above. I love it!

One Love Organics Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque ($39): This powder “polishes skin with fresh pineapple enzymes”, and although I have not yet tried it I love it for the smell alone. It smells like pineapple and although the sample is pretty small (and easy to spill everywhere!) I hope I can stretch it out for a few uses. My dry skin is always in need of exfoliation!

Christopher Drummond Beauty Blush Alluring in Pink ($28): “Get a youthful rosy flush!” Well, wine does the same thing for me. This color is amazing on my hand though, which is the only place I’ve sampled it so far. It is a great pink color with a little shimmer to it. I very rarely wear blush though, so I guess I’ll save this sampling for a special occasion. I also can’t figure out how to get a brush into the pot to use it effficiently without wasting it!

By Nieves “C” Perfect Skin ($35): Another double from the Oil You Need box, see my review above. Well, see my thoughts since I haven’t tried it yet.


The Clear Skin box


So this last box is honestly the most appropriate box for me right now, since my skin has been uncooperative lately despite the homemade facial masks I have been using. My love of wine in the evening isn’t helping, but my goal in the next few months is to drink more water and less wine. And to keep taking my vitamins!

The Clear Skin box:

Clarks Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask ($72): This can be used as a mask or a moisturizer and since this sample is pretty small I most likely will use it only as a moisturizer to make it last longer. My skin feels smooth and hydrated when I put it on although it is a little too perfumed for my taste in skin care. 

Kahina Giving Beauty 100% Argan Oil ($36): Yep, still love it. See my review above!

By Neives Face Fix ($32): This doubles as a mask or scrub. I am intrigued by this powdery sample and hope there is enough to try it both ways!

Shea Terra Authentic African Black Soap ($8): This is honestly one of the only samples that is in my price range for a full size sample. It makes my skin feel squeaky clean and is a proven acne-fighting powerhouse. I’ve heard quite a bit about black soap lately, so I am so excited that I finally get to try it out!

One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser ($29): I love a good foaming cleanser. This smells pretty neutral and is a pretty small sample so I’m not sure I’ll really be able to get a good idea of what this product does. 


Overall I am super happy with all the boxes I received from Beauty Sage. I will use everything in these boxes, which I can’t say about my monthly subscriptions. Now I just hope I don’t fall in love too much with the products, since most are a little out of my price range. Although the prices are not so outrageous that I can’t budget it in if I reeeeallly love something. Also you can earn points with every purchase on Beauty Sage just like you can with Birchbox, which is a nice perk. I can’t wait for my first issue of Prevention too, and I hope Beauty Sage will release some different boxes soon!

Now for what YOU can get out of reading this long review! I have a few discount codes that came in my boxes. Comment below for a code to receive 10% off full size versions of the samples reviewed above ( I have 4 that expire in about 6 weeks). I also have 2 codes for 10% off your order, expires 5/24/2013. First come first serve!

You are all beautiful,



Yippy Ipsy!

ImageOk, ok, I know. Subscription box reviews have been done before. But since I am new to the world of subscription boxes I feel the need to share my new obsession. For those of you that are not aware of the subscription box phenomenon…. they are amazing! For a nominal fee (in most cases anyway) these companies will send you random makeup, hair, nail, and lifestyle samples. Some also send food, craft, or samples for the kiddos. So far I’ve subscribed to Ipsy and Birchbox*, for $10 a month each. I also ordered 2 deluxe sample boxes from Beauty Sage this month, which have contained my favorite products so far. But I digress. We’ll leave that for another day. Back to my monthly boxes. Today I’ll highlight my first Ipsy bag for April. Stay tuned for Birchbox and Beauty Sage!

I think Ipsy was the winner overall this month, which was a little surprising to me. The theme was “pretty in pink” which, ugh, is so not me. However once I received it I was pretty excited to try all the products.

First, there was the Be a Bombshell blush in sweet cheeks. This was a coveted FULL SIZE sample (it retails for around $14), yay! I have never used blush, but this highly pigmented rosy pink blush made me want to wear it everyday. I’m still trying to apply it without looking clownish, but I love the chance to try a new product for cheap!

Next was the Mica Beauty Cosmetics mineral eye shadow in Earth, a shimmery pink. I don’t normally wear eyeshadow, but I like having this on hand for special occasions. It ls pretty shimmery but not glittery, so I will definitely save this for the right occasion. And the rose gold color is amazing!

I’ve always wanted to try the Big Sexy Hair line of products and I finally got one in this bag. I got the Powder Play volumizer and it is fantastic! I have fine hair that tends to fall flat, but this powder gave me noticeable lift without the chalky feel of dry shampoos or other texturizers I’ve tried. I give it two thumbs up! 

Saving the best for last! My favorite of this bag was the Sation nail polish in Love At First Byte. This light peachy-pink color is not something I normally would gravitate towards, but it looks great with my skin type. It goes on really smooth and sheer, and after 3 coats I got the best peach color! It has also held up amazingly well, after 4 days my nails still look amazing. This was also a full size sample, it retails for about $5. It looks great by itself but I plan to use it with some other bright colors since I am obsessed with nail art!

All these wonderful samples came contained in a white makeup bag with pink zipper and white/pink ipsy print on the inside. Cute, but nothing special. Each month they send their samples in a makeup bag, which is why they started as My Glam Bag. Blurg, I am so glad they went with the name Ipsy instead. My Glam Bag makes me think of something advertised in Seventeen Magazine. And I am far from 17! But with either name I am excited to see what might be in next month’s bag, and can’t wait to see that bright pink mailer in my po box!

*There’s currently a waiting list for Birchbox and Ipsy. Feel free to use my referral to speed things up with Birchbox. And Ipsy just opened up some spots but they go quick, so get on it!

**Birchbox also has a men’s box and limited edition home boxes!

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