For Rich Girls…


This vintage housedress is one of my favorites. It is a lovely mint green (the color is better in person) and it has birds and flowers that match the tattoo on my chest perfectly!

Today I am going to share my absolute favorite dress. It’s polyester and staticky, but the fit is amazing and I love the color and pattern. I’m sure it has a great story as well, since it is vintage!

This past fall I went to Denver on a work trip, which I used as an opportunity to visit some big-city thrift shops. Wow, did i find some good things. In addition to a Southwestern inspired rug, a multi-colored throw pillow, and some almost-new fringed minnetonka moccasin booties I found this gem.

Tucked away in the costume section at a large ARC thrift store, this mint green shirt dress caught my eye immediately. It has a great colorful bird and flower print, and the whole time I was shopping I was praying it would fit. And it did! The label says it was made by Bleeker Street, a Jonathan Logan design. According to the Vintage Fashion Guild it is a brand started in the late 1960’s, for “rich girls with tight fists”. Well, this not-so-rich girl was pretty happy to stumble upon this incredible little shirt dress, and it’s been a great addition to my wardrobe!

Cheers to Springtime,