It’s In the Bag!!!

I have a dirty little secret. I get great pleasure out of reading US Weekly, InTouch, and People magazines. Yes, I know it rots my brain. Yes, I am ashamed to support the paparazzi and other scumbags. And yes, I love seeing that celebrities are just like us! They pump their own gas! They go to the ATM! They buy orange juice! But seriously, my favorite ‘article’ is the “WHAT’S IN HER PURSE???” feature. So when my fellow blogger over at Beauty and Lifestyle of A Broke College Girl posted her unbagging and invited others to do it too I thought “why not?”? Check out her bag here, and keep reading to see all the junk I keep in mine!


This Patagonia shopper contains: water bottle, purse (bag #2), sunscreen, book, headphones, keys, moccasins, and a slightly dirty fork.

So like my friend at Broke College Girl I also carry a purse within a bag. Recently I started throwing my everyday purse into this Patagonia bag so I can carry my usual things in addition to what I want to bring to work that day.

This week the boss has been gone, and since flip-flops/open-toed shoes/sandals are normally not allowed we have all been taking advantage of having little supervision and been airing out our toesies. But just in case I’ve been carrying my favorite (thrifted!) Minnetonka moccasins. Honestly these provide little more protection than my Volcom ankle wrap sandals (that I sell in my shop and could model daily), but I digress. I also carry a water bottle from a Dragon Optics clinic this winter (with a Nirvana-esque Sabre sticker from my friend Sam), my keys (my shop key wears a little plastic knit hat that my mom sent in my X-mas stocking, I love it!), a somewhat clean fork for lunch, sunscreen from Julep, Bose headphones for my bus ride to and from work (lately I’ve been listening to Royksopp Pandora station or Justin Timberlake’s newest album The 20/20 Experience), and a book, since working in a snowboard shop in the summer can get a little sloooooow. My Animals and Other Family by Clare Balding is my newest library acquisition and it sounds like it will be right up my alley, can’t wait to start it tomorrow!

I also carry my teal faux leather Roxy purse (thrifted of course!) within my Patagonia shopper. This is the main bag I carry when not headed to work, and it also contains many things that are vital to my daily life….or so I think anyway!


My main bag contains all my life essentials, from money to coupons to the makeup I put on during the work day because I am too lazy in the AM

I realized that I carry a lot of stuff in my purse when I decided to photograph it all. I won’t lie, this post became the perfect push to clear out my purse of what was not essential- so gone are the multiple lip gloss, receipts I’ll never need, and random recipes I’ve jotted onto scrap paper. So this is what was left :

My mint polka dot wallet from Target

Dakine wallet filled with coupons for my next grocery trip

Grey Goody brand headband that I got in a 4-pack for $1.50 on manager special at City Market

Sample of Rock Star hand cream from Julep and Boss Nuit perfume by Hugo Boss

Cupcake tissues that were also a gift from my mom

Chevron Ipsy bag from May filled with:

Juice Beauty lip gloss from same bag, Covergirl concealer, Coola sunscreen from May’s Birchbox, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain in Sweetheart (my favorite!), eyelash brush and curler, Rimmel London soft kohl liner in Jungle Green, Limited Edition Maybelline Great Lash in Totally Teal, and Garnier BB Cream in light/medium

Pacifica perfume solids in Tahitian Gardenia and Brazilian Mango Grapefruit. These are only $2 each on their website, and free with a $25 purchase. There are 17 scents to choose from! Use this link to get $10 when you make your first purchase! Disclaimer: I also get $10 when your order ships, so win/win.

Listerine breath strips

A pen from the Ride Snowboard clinic this winter (it’s like a nudie pen, but it goes from a dude wearing a unitard to a Borat-style thong)

A tire pressure gauge I am not entirely sure how to use that my husband gave me.

What’s missing from these bags are my phone, because I use it to take the photos, my sunglasses because they are usually on my face or on my head, and my other water bottle and coffee mug,  because I tend to forget to put them in either bag when they are empty and then lose them at work/in my car/ at home for days on end. But here’s a photo anyway:


My must-haves. Colorado/NH water bottle, Beaver Creek Junior Patrol coffee mug, and my polarized tortoise shell Experience II Dragon shades. Always have the shades, but the other two always get misplaced, it’s so frustrating!

So there it is folks, all the junk I carry on a more or less daily basis. What do you carry every day? Are you more of a wallet-only type, or do you carry the whole kitchen sink? Go visit Broke College Girl’s post to link up your own unbagging or comment below. And if you know how to use a tire gauge feel free to give me a brief tutorial!

Thanks for reading,


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